Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance | Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance | Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Start receiving discounts on Repairs, Priority Service, Lower Power Bills, & Extended Equipment Life Expectancy

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Equipment Lasts Longer

New equipment is expensive. Regular maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently, for longer.

Everybody's Happy!

Regular restaurant equipment maintenance can help spot parts that are nearing failure so they can be replaced on your schedule.

Repairs Happen Faster at a Lower Cost

When we maintain your equipment, you receive discounts and priority service should your equipment ever need repair.

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Dirty condenser coils, evaporator coils, a bad door seal, or an unadjusted door can all make the compressor (the motor) have to work overtime around the clock. Imagine never changing your car’s oil, constantly redlining the tachometer, and violently revving the engine at a traffic light. Right. The car will break, and you won’t be surprised.

As you know, taking the time to maintain your vehicle keeps it running better, longer, and with fewer mechanical failures. Your commercial kitchen equipment is no different. It gets hot in the kitchen, especially in Phoenix. Our commercial refrigeration already has to run harder just to survive. So, when it’s poorly maintained we’re just asking for trouble.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Phoenix AZ

Massive Mobile Parts Inventory on Every Truck

We carry parts on hand to repair all makes and models, but we have an especially large selection of True, Beverage-Air, Continental, Victory, Traulsen, Hobart, McCall Delfield & Randell.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Manitowoc Ice advises that ice machines undergo a thorough cleaning, including descaling and sanitizing, at least twice a year. However, Murray Meyer, the director of product marketing at Manitowoc Ice, notes that the cleaning frequency should be adjusted based on the machine’s environment and location. For instance, if the water supply has high mineral content like it does in Maricopa Co., more frequent descaling may be necessary. Additionally, if the machine is in an environment with yeast, sugar, or flour in the air, more frequent sanitization may be required.

Commercial ice machines also have evaporator coils, condenser coils, and compressors just like commercial refrigerators and freezers. When commercial ice machine maintenance is deferred, the compressor has to run harder and longer, and will almost always fail prematurely resulting in the need for costly repairs or replacement.

We offer commercial ice machine repair, maintenance, and 24 hr service

Cooking Equipment Maintenance

When we ignore commercial oven maintenance, the oven may have to work harder to reach temperature and struggle to keep temperature, which can result in undercooked or unevenly cooked food.

This can happen when certain internal parts are left uncleaned or when door seals begin to fail. Your commercial range doesn’t have the same problem with seals, but deferred range maintenance also means that the old flame will start to die out and cook unevenly as well.

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Love Phoenix Commercial Refrigeration! Their service is prompt (often same day, in my experience), and their employees are competent, professional, and extremely friendly. As a restaurant owner who’s dealt with a number of repair companies, I can say without hesitation that these folks are a cut above.

David Hildebrand


Tony quickly came out regarding a pilot light issue with our Vulcan stove at church. He is professional and knowledgeable. I recommend him.

Chris McKee


Very fast and good response with
Super professional job!!!! I recommend this company for everyone.

John Bae


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Fixed the refrigerator in my food truck. Excellent job very happy with repair!!!
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Great service, honest and reputable. Highly recommend.
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Speedy work. Got parts quickly. Fair price
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Intro to Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Every restaurant manager dreads the day when an essential piece of equipment, such as the charbroiler, vital for a popular signature dish, will fail on a busy Friday night just before the doors open. The situation can become even more high-stress and tension-filled when the one-year warranty expires, and no quick fix is available. Fortunately, a restaurant equipment maintenance agreement can alleviate some of this stress. Having one ensures discounted repairs and priority placement in the queue should repairs ever become necessary.

Outsourcing restaurant equipment maintenance has become a rising trend in the food service industry largely because it results in equipment running efficiently, for longer, and with much less downtime and fewer major repairs. When your commercial kitchen equipment is running right, it also lowers the power bill. Lord knows we don’t want to give the power company any more of our hard-earned money than we have to. It also reduces downtime. When your equipment fails, you can lose food and customers. Food begins to spoil fast in the desert, and customers turn fast when they can’t order their favorite dish.

Preventative maintenance agreements like the ones offered at Phoenix Commercial Refrigeration offer peace of mind. For starters, a preventative maintenance agreement:

  • Identifies early warning signs of major malfunctions and takes preventative measures.
  • Ensures that every unit continues to run smoothly like any high-dollar piece of equipment should.
  • Extends the life expectancy of your equipment by years.
  • Earns you discounts on repairs, and priority placement in the queue.

In general, restaurant equipment maintenance agreements keep small problems from becoming the big problems that often lead to large repair bills and damaged reputation.

DIY Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips

While much of the more critical maintenance should be conducted by professionals, there are many things you can handle yourself. Always remember that restaurant equipment service panels and service areas are constructed with sheet metal which often features sharp edges. It is easy to get cut on these edges. There is also a risk of electrical shock, so always make sure that all equipment is disconnected from the power supply before attempting any form of service.

Here are some things you can do to help keep your equipment running properly and for longer:

Commercial Grill, Range, and Griddle Maintenance:

  • Clean grates, flattops, and burners after every use.
  • Check for dirty grease buildup in filters and vents that can lead to restricted airflow.
  • Remove and clean range top burners, grates, and drip trays to keep the oven clean.
  • Keep grill top and table clean, and remove and clean drip trays daily.

Commercial Fryer Maintenance:

  • Check for gas leaks every 4-6 weeks.
  • Filter fryer oil daily and boil out fryers weekly to protect food quality.

Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance:

  • Drain and clean the machine daily or between meals.
  • Clean the strainers and remove any debris from the tank. Perform a descale as needed.

Commercial Espresso Machine Maintenance:

  • Keep the machine clean and clean group heads daily with a blank portafilter and cleaner.

Commercial Steamer Maintenance:

  • Clean compartments and doors.
  • Perform a descale monthly, if applicable.

Commercial Convection Oven Maintenance:

  • Clean the oven cavity and blower wheel as needed.
  • Ensure the motor is free of dust; it is recommended to clean this unit weekly.

So, How Often Should Restaurant Maintenance Be Performed?

The maintenance schedule depends on your specific operation. We suggest quarterly maintenance for all refrigeration units, ice machines, steamers, and combi ovens—essentially anything that uses water. For cooking, warming, and food prep equipment, we recommend servicing once or twice a year. Contact us for a free consultation, and we can create a customized maintenance plan for you.

Start receiving discounts on Repairs, Priority Service, Lower Power Bills, & Extended Equipment Life Expectancy