Fast 24 HR Repairs by the Company With the Most Parts on Hand!

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

For $50 OFF Fast 24 HR Repairs by the Company With the Most Parts on Hand

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance & Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Fast 24 HR Commercial Refrigeration Repair by the Company With the Most Parts on Hand!

Cooking Equipment Repair

Fast 24 HR Cooking Equipment Repair by the Company With the Most Parts on Hand!

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Mega High-Top Step Vans Stuffed, Floor to Ceiling, With Commercial Refrigeration Parts

Phoenix Commercial Refrigeration has been delivering results since the 1950’s. We aim to provide a superior customer experience and fast service to minimize downtime and product/sales loss.

Despite Arizona’s need for domestic refrigeration techs, we insist on only doing commercial. Doing so helps us remain available, so we can be there when you need us most.

A key benefit to working with us is the massive parts inventory that every repair technician keeps on hand. This makes it possible to complete more repairs on the first trip out.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Commercial Refrigeration Repair Techs Can Fix Them All!

We carry parts on hands to repair all makes and models of Restaurant Refrigerator, but we have an especially large selection of True, Beverage-Air, Continental, Victory, Traulsen, Hobart, McCall Delfield & Randell.

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

When your refrigeration goes unserviced, the compressor has to run longer, and more often. Like a heart with clogged arteries and high blood pressure, it will fail much sooner than expected. Routine restaurant equipment maintenance can be the triple bypass surgery that keeps that motor running.

Cooking equipment must be maintained as well. If you’ve noticed that flames are no longer what they used to be, or ovens aren’t keeping temp anymore, this could be caused by deferred maintenance.

And we mustn’t forget ice machine maintenance. Dirty ice isn’t cool. When the insides of ice machines are not routinely cleaned, they can be a breeding ground for mold. Even black mold, and the mycotoxins that make people sick. 

In addition to ice machines potentially making people sick, they also have compressors that can be pushed into overdrive when routine maintenance is avoided. This too, can shorten the life of the unit.

When regular restaurant equipment maintenance occurs, compressors run more efficiently, cooking equipment cooks more evenly, and huge mechanical failures that can shut you down are avoided. Click the button below to find out more.

restaurant equipment maintenance

Customer reviews

What our customers are saying about our commercial refrigeration repair service

Love Phoenix Commercial Refrigeration! Their service is prompt (often same day, in my experience), and their employees are competent, professional, and extremely friendly. As a restaurant owner who’s dealt with a number of repair companies, I can say without hesitation that these folks are a cut above.

David Hildebrand


Tony quickly came out regarding a pilot light issue with our Vulcan stove at church. He is professional and knowledgeable. I recommend him.

Chris McKee


Very fast and good response with
Super professional job!!!! I recommend this company for everyone.

John Bae


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Fixed the refrigerator in my food truck. Excellent job very happy with repair!!!
Randy Landrum


Great service, honest and reputable. Highly recommend.
Rabih Bazzy


Speedy work. Got parts quickly. Fair price
Kirk Lubbs